Full, sensual, defined, youthful lips with a healthy blush of colour are what we all desire.

The Procedure:

We will discuss the colour and shape you are looking for before a cosmetic makeup pencil is used to draw the Lip Liner/Blush in to place, allowing you to visualise the shape and look of your lips, this can be adjusted until you are completely satisfied. If you use a different colour for evenings, you can add lipstick colours on top your semi permanent make up.

Please Note: If you suffer from cold sores we strongly advise that you take a course of anti-viral prior to the treatment commencing.

Lip liner :

Colour is used to retrace the natural lip line enhancing and defining them, making them appear fuller whilst also softening fine lines around the mouth. Thin or uneven lips, size and shape can be altered as you desire.

Lip Blush:

The lip blush combines lip liner with a subtle hint of colour that is applied on to your lips with an airbrush effect giving you the colour you desire whilst also re-defining your lips and giving them a fuller shape.

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