Semi-Permanent Makeup, Permanent Makeup or Makeup Tattooing which are all basically the same thing, is becoming increasing popular.

Unlike an ordinary tattoo which goes deep into the hypodermis layer of the skin because of the depth of the needle, Semi-permanent makeup, is a much gentler form of tattooing which involves implanting pigments rather than ink into the dermal layer of skin, which will then enhance the natural beauty of eyes, eyebrows or lips. When the procedure is completed it will give the appearance of makeup, without the inconvenience of applying or retouching it daily.

How would you feel if your sparse, short or completely absent brows were restored with realistic looking natural brows that didn’t disappear in hot weather or rain and you could ditch your eyebrow pencil and have an extra hour in bed?

I have many clients that have come to me for many different reasons, loss of eyebrows through illness, over plucked eyebrows, thin or uneven lips, failing eyesight so unable to apply eyeliner, to name but a few. Semi-Permanent Makeup is low maintenance, if you want to wake up with makeup, restore your brows or enhance your natural beauty then Semi-Permanent Makeup could be for you.

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